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First Contact Day, 2710
The members of UFGQ celebrated First Contact Day with a commemorative ceremony, fireworks, group photo shoot, and the dedication of the new memorial site at Majel.

Zefram Cochrane Hall

First Contact Ceremony

Cdr. Data Spectre, Master of Ceremonies

Our Admiral Bedrosian

Ensign Hyan Hax Delivers an Address to the Assembled

Fireworks Over Zefram Cochrane Hall

Enjoying the Fireworks

Dedicating the Memorial: Lt. Cdr. Justinme Dilley, Admiral Bedrosian, and Cdr. Data Spectre

Cutting the Ribbon, Dedication of the New Memorial

New Memorial, UFGQ at Majel

Those Remembered


Lt. Cdr. Khol McDonnell and Admiral Dayna Bedrosian View the Memorial

Lt. Commander Dilley at the Memorial

Edconnect Gufler at the Memorial

UFGQ First Contact Day

Cadet Calista Greymoon wins the teddy bear for having the fortitude to be the last member still standing on the photo risers.

Cadet Greymoon and Fleet Admiral T. Bear

Thanks and a job well done to the folks who contributed time and effort to arrange this event.

Cordelia on Saturday 10 April 2010 - 20:17:56
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