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UFGQ Relaunch
UFGQ Officially relaunched on January 1st 2012. It has been a great success with a lot of work. Everyone involved has stepped up to the plate to help. As we relaunch we have revived old projects including UFGQ Flight Demonstration Team the UFGQ Golden Knights and also the Flight Operations department with regular flights from the Surface of Majel to Skylab Space Station, and to the moons of Copernicus, Magellan and outer planet of Apollo.
Dayna Bedrosian on Sunday 29 January 2012 - 12:47:28
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Merger and Time Line votes underway
Today we had a very important meeting with UFGQ members past and present all voicing their thoughts about a possible merger and if we go through the merger what time period should we be based on. There are two votes that are live on the forum.

The merger would be with UFPSF/USS Olympic and the time period for the new group to be based in. http://www.ufgq.org/forum/index.php?topic=1307.0 and http://www.ufgq.org/forum/index.php?topic=1306.0 if you are able to log into the forum and vote we encourage you to do so now.
Dayna Bedrosian on Saturday 29 October 2011 - 21:47:00
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First Contact Day, 2710
The members of UFGQ celebrated First Contact Day with a commemorative ceremony, fireworks, group photo shoot, and the dedication of the new memorial site at Majel.

Zefram Cochrane Hall

First Contact Ceremony

Cdr. Data Spectre, Master of Ceremonies

Our Admiral Bedrosian

Ensign Hyan Hax Delivers an Address to the Assembled

Fireworks Over Zefram Cochrane Hall

Enjoying the Fireworks

Dedicating the Memorial: Lt. Cdr. Justinme Dilley, Admiral Bedrosian, and Cdr. Data Spectre

Cutting the Ribbon, Dedication of the New Memorial

New Memorial, UFGQ at Majel

Those Remembered


Lt. Cdr. Khol McDonnell and Admiral Dayna Bedrosian View the Memorial

Lt. Commander Dilley at the Memorial

Edconnect Gufler at the Memorial

UFGQ First Contact Day

Cadet Calista Greymoon wins the teddy bear for having the fortitude to be the last member still standing on the photo risers.

Cadet Greymoon and Fleet Admiral T. Bear

Thanks and a job well done to the folks who contributed time and effort to arrange this event.

Cordelia on Saturday 10 April 2010 - 20:17:56
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Welcome to UFGQ United Federation of Planets:Gamma Quadrant new website!
We are making head way and making it FAST!

UFGQ is currently in the midst of ongoing upgrades to make life as a Starfleet officer fun and exciting.

UFGQ:SF Academy is ONLINE. A very special thanks goes out to those that put valiant efforts to get it online and running. I would like to take a moment to recognize the Academy Staff that helped us get up and running.

Lt. JG Kaiden Ruxton is the brains behind the Academy and thanks to him he takes a small idea of Admiral Bedrosian's and makes it wonderful and grand. Truly a remarkable person

Superintendent Sokair Cartwright and Commandant Rhiannon Ruissatel have been instrumental in helping us maintain the Academy in light of recent changes. We would be lost without all of your help.

Ensign Rascal Cleanslate gave us the jump start that we needed and provided with some of our first classes. We will always be in your debt.

Lt. JG Kira Crannock has been working double over time teaching classes and making sure that all cadets in her Company are doing ok.

Lt. JG Herschy Zarco worked very hard in setting up our first college. The College of Operations is up and running smoothly thanks to him.

Lt. JG Boze Earnshaw was our first Company Commander that has been helping out our European bunch find their way through the Academy and stepped up to the plate and helped us out.

With out their help we would still be working on the bringing our Academy On-Line.

Academy is up and running and adding new classes daily. So join UFGQ and see what all the fuss is about. You will be glad that you did.

Our very own Captain Arilla Aeon has taken command of the USS Sentinel for UFGQ:Star Fleet. Enjoy!

e107 on Wednesday 10 June 2009 - 12:04:14
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