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USS Majel

Missions departing on Sundays @ 12.00

USS Majel Specs

Variable Geometry Tri-Nacelles
Warp 9 Sustained
Transwarp (Emerg. use only)

Primary Armaments
Twin Phaser Array strips:
forward dorsal for a 180 degree forward arc
forward Ventral for a 90 degree forward arc,
aft Ventral for a 270 degree aft arc
Aft dorsal for a 90 degree aft arc

Two forward rapid load torpedo tubes,
one forward special load tube.
one aft rapid load torpedo tube.
Torpedo Complement:
80 Quantum Torpedoes
40 Transphasic Torpedoes
5 Chroniton Torpedoes
5 Tricobalt warheads (requires special launcher)

Segmented multiphasic 3 layer shield array with built in fractal frequency modulation.
Abalative armor generator units. (significantly drains power, cannot engage above warp 4 or use energy weapons)

USS MAJEL Crew Roster

Cd Duffield - Ship Captain

Gandalf Nakamura - First Officer

JeanMarie Anton - Chief Operations Officer

Andreaandroid - Chief Engineer

Jake Hansome - Helmsman

JG Antony - Chief Medical Officer

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